Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dirty, Lying, Cheating, Cardinals

Yeah, and this isn't a post about the Catholic Church!

The big topic in sports, landing between the Chicago Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup, and The Cavaliers and Warriors squaring off in game 6 of the NBA Finals, came out Tuesday morning, thanks to the New York Times...The St. Louis Cardinals apparently have hacked into the Houston Astros internal dadtabase, getting their hands on emails, scouting reports, statistical analysis, trade talks, and more...So I don't have to keep pulling quotes and shit, here is a LINK to the article....

So the Cardinals, one of MLB's storied franchises, is a bunch of fucking cheeaters!  Let me be completely honest...St. Louis is a great baseball town...They have a great history...And I would love Bob Gibson and Stan Musial on my all-time dream team...That said, I hate the fucking Cardinals!

I grew up when the Chicago Cubs were always playing day games...And they were all on WGN, which every good cable provider had...I'd get home from school, and my Dad would have the Cubs on TV while he was getting ready to go work his 4-midnight shift...That lead to me watching Cubs games all summer long...Becoming a huge Ryne Sandberg fan...Great fucking glove, with a good bat! Loving the drunken call of Harry Carey...I swear to God, one time he called shitty thirdbaseman, Vance Law, "Vance Coleslaw" and he called Darryl Strawberry, "Darryl Cranberry"...And dreaming of one day, if only for a year, living in one of the buildings behind Wrigley...This was long before they had bleachers built on them...Game days it was just be tenants and a few friends hanging out on the rooftops, drink, and enjoying the game...Now it's all fucked up!

So I was a Cub fan, which meant I had to Hate the Cardinals...Well, that hasn't gone away, mostly because I'm sick of seeing them playing every week on The MLB Network, ESPN, and FOX...Enough with the fucking Cardinals!

So, with that all out of the way...Back to these cheating whores...MLB needs to take a hard fucking stand here...Seriously...They hacked another teams database...What's next, hacking their bank account?  MLB's policies for punishment have a wide range based on the offense...First time to not comply with their drug treatment program is 15-25 day suspension and a fine of $10,000 fine...It then goes up each offense that follows...A first positive Steroid test gets and 80 game suspension...The second gets 162...And lets not forget that gambling on Baseball gets you the good ole, Shoeless Joe Jackson/Pete Rose, LIFE-TIME BAN!

So, what should the punishment be for the Cardinals...If the report is true, and it sure seems like it is...I feel it should be harsh...Not life-time ban harsh, but harsh...Let me tell you what I think should happen...

A one year suspension for the entire organization...The games are still on other teams schedule, and they are given the "W" via forfeit...The games aren't played...No player in the Cardinals organization is allowed to play ball...A year wasted because your bosses were fuck-up...The Cardinals obviously lose a season of home games tickets sales, and concessions...They also have to pay their opponents lost tickets sales for the away games they cannot play...(that seems like a good fine)...

Some may say this is too extreme...Well, it's a new era...When teams are hacking others, that is fucking serious...It's worse then 'Roids...It's worse then most things...A strong message needs to be made...Fuck the Cardinals...Fuck them right in that tight little ass!

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