Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Moaning

Here we are again...Another weekend has blown by and another Monday is upon us...Hockey season is getting ready to start and we so I thought I'd start with a little hockey news...I know last week I complained about the NHL season being too long...I still feel that way, and I'm still not in the hockey mode yet...But Some news has to be talked about....

This week "The Great One" Wayne Gretzky resigned from the Phoenix Coyotes...It's about time Wayne...I don't mean to sh!t on Gretzky...He was the man, and I've always been a fan...But he proved something that has been proven many times before...Great players don't always make great coaches...When I say "don't always" I mean most the time!

When you're are so naturally gifted, and things seem to make sense easily to you...It's gotta be hard to translate that to people who don't have the same talent level...I always think of Ted Williams when I think of Gretzky...The science of hitting made so much sense to Williams...It came so much more easily for him then others...It had to make him nuts when he was working with a younger player, and they weren't getting the same results...

I'd like to suggest that Wayne and the Mrs. take it easy...Maybe take a trip to Vegas...We know how she likes to gamble!

Moving on...Saturday, after working a double at The Fish House, I got to enjoy a little Notre Dame football...God Bless DVR! Jimmy Clausen nutted up and the Irish beat Purdue 24-21...

On the topic of college football...This weeks games showed us once again that the preseason rankings are crap...And that any team can beat anyone else...As I sat in a little Irish dive bar after work, I enjoyed seeing Iowa beat Penn State in Not So Happy Valley...I know people love JoPa...Well guess what...I don't! He's old...Really f**king old, and often the game looks like it's passed him by...The old guy is a figurehead...It's time to hang those big old stupid glasses up and enjoy the last couple golden years you got left...
Cal got worked over by Oregon, who was wearing another stupid looking uniform this weekend...
Tebow got hurt...Erin Andrews cried...I laughed...Tebow is a douche!
The always overrated Florida State Seminoles lost South Florida...AWESOME! (sorry EK)
Stanford beat Washington...Way to show up after last week's big win Huskies!
I love this...The BCS is gonna be all f**ked up this year...I can feel it!
Then Sunday rolls around...Holy sh!t Batman! the Lions won! I sh!t you not...the Detroit Lions won a football game! The Cleveland Browns on the other hand...Well, they sh!t the bed again...
This guy does a great impression of the Browns....

The Browns Offense sucked again...The Defense sucked again...The Coaches, sucked again...then they lifted Brady Quinn...

Derek Anderson came into game and made a strong statement by throwing an interception...Ahhh, Cleveland...Let the QB controversy begin!
You know, this year, I gave up on the Indians...Last year my buddy, B-Dub switched his loyalty from the Eagles to Panthers...I think it's time for me to start looking for a new team...I've been a Browns fan my whole life...I have far too many Browns sweatshirts, and T-shirts, and yes, even jerseys of assholes who never made it...Fans have been the only thing consistently loyal in sports...And what do we get for it...Nothing! Yes there are cities with teams that actually put the time, money, energy, and effort, into giving their fans a winning team...But not enough...And not in Cleveland...So I going free-agent...F**k off Browns...I'm going to a team that has a shot to contend this year!
Now I have a little advice for all my gambling friends out there...No matter who the Browns are playing...No matter what the line is...Bet against the browns...If it's 11 guys in wheel chairs against the Browns...I'll take the Hot Wheels, and give you 3 points!
If it's the Browns versus Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs...I'll take the b!tch riding the midget train!

In Beeze family news this week...My daughter now has short hair...She donated her hair this weekend to Wigs for Kids...There was no coaxing...She brought it up, and said she wanted to do it...She makes it easy to be a proud father...
This weekend is The little Beeze's birthday...He'll be 5...The only thing he's asked for is Spike the Dinosaur...Spike costs about $130...So I'm probably gonna sell off an organ or some blood this week...I mean with all the material he gives me for this blog, I kinda owe him...Which by the way, I got a e-mail this week from his teacher...She asked if we knew of a reason why he would be grabbing his junk so much...She has asked if he needed to go to the bathroom...He would say no...But would keep grabbing it...She thought maybe it could be a nervous habit...I'm not quite sure how to tell her that 1) He's a Beeze...And 2) He's discovered he gets boners, and is completed enamored by it...
And lastly...Wednesday I turn the big 34...This has my older wife bothered...She asked me what I wanted for my birthday..."Besides a Blumpy"...I said..."I want ATM!"

Have a great week...
Later, The Beeze.


aking said...

I hope the Mrs. told you that you are an ass. Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Great explanation for the teacher. Little Beeze is a hoot! Speaking of the boy wonder, he may like the video on my post today.

Don't abandon your Browns. I know you have plenty of reasons to, but going to another team won't solve your misery ... but staying with them doesn't mean you have to watch them. I think I know something about misery --- I'm a Bengals and Reds fan.

Your Wednesday birthday means I look forward to Thursday post.

Congrats to your Irish for the late win against the rival.

Ever so true about great players not being the best managers. I keep think of pitcher Bob Gibson, arguably, one of the most competitive SOBs ever on the mound. He probably often wondered by the players he coached didn't approach the game as he did.

Dang ... Iowa pounded Penn State in the fourth quarter ... total domination.

Have a good week Beeze. Browns-Bengals on Sunday ... nothing like an over-confident team coming to town.

Anonymous said...

PS ... That polar bear video was a great impression, especially of yesterday's game.

bwsmith25 said...

I would tell to that you could switch to the Panthers, but they suck this year too.

The Hot Wheels ... LMFAO!!! That's classic!

That's really cool that your daughter did that - it's nice to see that there are kids in the world who care about others. You should be proud.

The BEEZE said...

aking, she often tells me I'm an ass!

Frank, I just don't feel like these are my Browns...Actually my Browns are in Baltimore...This team has been floundering since day one...I'm sick of it...But I'm sure I'll watch next week...

Thanks for reading and the comments...

B-Dub, Thanks...I am very proud...I'm wondering what the Panthers will do tonight...I hope it's a good game!

Anonymous said...

I understand you point about your Browns being in Baltimore. My wife is from a few towns up Rt 42 (west) from you and was an ardent Browns fan. Now she doesn't follow the NFL much at all and grumbles anytime she hears the name Modell.

The BEEZE said...

Many of us grumble when we hear that name!