Monday, April 5, 2021

Presidents, Gas Prices and the Truth


Recently I have seen people on Facebook and Twitter, as well as in person, shit-talking President Biden about gas prices going up. Well folks, it's long overdue to clear some some shit up. 

First, Presidents often get too much blame. Not nearly enough blame is given to the 535 members of Congress, which just goes to show how little people actually know about how our system of government works. When talking about things like gas prices, Presidents also get too much credit.

Second, Gas is a commodity. It's bought and sold. Presidents don't just say, 'fuck it, lets raise the price of gas!' or 'I need better poll numbers, drop the price of gas!' It doesn't work like that dummies! It's basic economics, Supply and Demand! So gas prices were lower in Trump's last year...Why? Because there was a global pandemic. People were dying at a rapid rate. Travel bans were put in place around the country and world. People were staying home, working from home, attending school virtually. Get it!?! People were not using as much gas, which means there was low demand and a higher supply, which means prices are going to go down.

In this early part of President Biden's term, you had Winter storm blast Texas, who's Republican governor and state officials are so anti-regulation, that they didn't have their infrastructure equipped or prepared to deal with this storm. Refineries, gas lines, gas pumps, froze up, creating higher demand. That was followed by President Biden's administration getting a better handle on the global pandemic and getting more and more Americans vaccinated, which has lead to more businesses opening up, more states lifting restrictions and more travel bans lifted. Kids going back to in-person schooling, people going back to work, more flights available, more people traveling. This all has created a higher demand and a lowers supply, which makes the prices go up.

Low Demand + Higher Supply = Lower Prices

High Demand + Lower Supply = Higher Prices

Grow up, stop being stupid, read a book!


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