Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Seriously? Grow the Fuck Up!

I've sat on this story for a few days now...I just can't figure out who are the bigger fucking assholes! These ass-hats in Pennsylvania who dress up like dick-bags from yesteryear, and have a big to-do over a stupid fucking rodent crawling out of it's hole, and supposedly seeing it's shadow or not...

Seriously?  This is how you're going to forecast?  I get it, the Weather Channel is wrong 50% of the time...Local weather-casters are wrong constantly...But You're going to put your faith in this asshole groundhog...That you named Phil...And you act as if he is an all-knowing, weather guide, that has somehow never died...Grow the fuck up Pennsyltucky!

But wait...It gets worse...The City...Town...Of Merrimack New Hampshire issued an arrest warrant for Phil...Seriously!?!  Yes, I know it's just a joke thing...But do you really have nothing better to do with your time?   Are the taxpayers in Merrimack really happy about their civil servants wasting time, money, and energy on this crap...Everyone involved in this should be fired, yesterday!

And you live in New Hampshire...Aren't you suppose to be hearty New Englanders, that can handle Winter?  I thought all you fucking New Englanders loved living in a place with all four seasons...So you get tough Winter and turn into cunts and want pretend to arrest a fucking groundhog, because somehow that will make you all feel better!?!  Holy fucking shit!

Is Merrimack run by complete and total retards? It must be...Grow the fuck up!

And for everyone else...It's February...It's Winter...It gets cold...It snows...Why the fuck is everyone acting surprised, like this is the beginning of the apocalypse...It's fucking Winter cunts!

The Beeze.

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