Friday, April 9, 2010

Where Are You Now Reverend Al

Yes, I'm talking about Reverend Al Sharpton...The man well know for being a "leader" of the African American Community, and getting in front of cameras and microphones and pointing his finger at everyone that he feels has treated the Black Community unfairly...In theory this sounds good...

I think back to when Don Imus made a stupid joke and called the Rutgers Women's Basketball team, "Nappy Headed Hoes." Reverend Al was all up his ass, and did everything in his power to get Imus fired...Sharpton is always willing to call out wrong doers...Well, not always!

This past Easter Sunday in what seems to have become a Easter tradition, Hundreds of gang members, (at least that what they have been called in the limited press coverage) mostly minorities, took to Time Square, threatening people, being "rowdy" and how can I forget, the shooting...4 people were shot and at least 33 were arrested after the evening's events, which the Mayor referred to as "Wilding."

I first heard about this on Tuesday's Opie & Anthony Show...So then I googled it, where I found this...

It took a couple of days before I caught wind of this...But as long as we shoe another Tiger Woods press conference, right?

So I have a couple questions...I know there are some people from New York who stop by my little blog...I want to know what you think about this...Is it really a big deal...Or was it just some kids being dolts...Although I think it's hard to play that card when guns are fired...

Also New Yorkers...Are you concerned that that murders are up 22% and shootings are up 19%...I'm sure it doesn't help that the city, just like mine, has continued to make cutbacks in the police department...Real smart move there...A recession is the last time you should be cutting back on you police and fire...

My last question...Where the hell is Reverend Al? Why isn't he being a leader? Not just a African American leader...But a leader for the community...Why isn't he admonishing these people for their actions...Their actions towards random people in Time Square, and their actions towards each other...You see, the four people that were shot by those "wilding" were also four people who were also "wilding."

If it was Johnny Cracker and his Redneck buddies acting like assholes towards random people...Threatening them...Roughing them up...Shooting guns...Oh, you damn sure know Reverend Al Sharpton would be raising holy hell...Well It's time for "Leaders" to stop being hypocrites...If you call out one asshole...Call out all assholes!

I'm sure some one will say I'm a racist for this post...I'm not...I'm speaking honestly, and want others to do the same...I'm looking for other people's thoughts and opinions on this...I'm also bothered that this, like so many other important news stories gets passed by quickly, so we can see the real important stuff...Like who Tiger and Jesse James had a threesome with...


Later, The Beeze.


"McSpazz" said...

Damn Beeze. I am embarassed that I haven't even heard of this story until I read your post. Then again my days are filled with tending to my kids every whim, wiping asses and watching a whole lot of Nickelodeon.

Therefore not only am I grateful for your brining this to my attention, but as usual I agree with you. There is nothing racist at all about your comments. A bad person is a bad person period. Everyone, black, white, red, blue, green and whatever needs to speak out against acts like these. Whether it be hillybilly crackers, bullying girls or gang members commiting them. If we can't do that together, this world is in a whole lot more trouble than I ever thought.

As far as all the non-sense the media covers, i.e Tiger, Jesse and whomever is the latest famous dope. I have and always will just turn the channel, change the station and walk right past those crap filled magazines.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

Thanks McSpazz!

Those kids can really slow us down...And Nick can be addictive! LOL!

bdubsmitty said...

I know I will catch a lot of shit for this, but you know me well enough to know that I don't really care, so here goes:

If the reports are true and the shooters are minorities in a gang, then Al Sharpton isn't admonishing them because they're minorities. Plain and simple. If they were white, he'd be all over their ass (like he is every other time something like this happens when white people attack black people). And yes, I said black people, not "African American" people - because that is one of the biggest bull shit terms in the PC lexicon - unless you are from Africa and immigrated here, you're a fucking American - whether you're black, white, blue, green, or yellow.

The point is: the only people good ol' Al gives a shit about are minorities. Him and Jesse Jackson are the same way - protect the minorities and give the whites the finger at any possible opportunity.

Now, I'm in no way saying that admonishing whites for attacks on minorities for racist reasons (eg - Don Imus) is a bad thing - it just proves the true motive when said admonishment is non-existent when the tables have been turned.

There's no problem with protecting those who have been wronged, but when the race card is only pulled in situations when the minority is the victim, there is a serious problem.

Instead of trying to keep fueling the fire by attacking whites for their racism, why not try and find out ways to help minorities cope with the treatment they unjustly receive other than pulling out guns and shooting mass amounts of people. You know Al - earn that title of "Reverend" by being a leader and teaching people the "right way" to do things, instead of stirring up trouble any time a white person and black person get into an argument.

And on a side note, I couldn't agree with you more re the cutting of police officers during a recession. That's the worst possible time to get rid of people who are there to protect us. But that's how government in America works. "Hey, we have a recession and people are going to be desperate for money and food because they have no jobs, and violence is certain to rise. Here's an idea: let's cut costs and make up the budget gaps by trimming down the police force. Because, you know I'm not giving up my $1M bonus or my private jet."

I love America, but it is sad that I must admit: with each passing day, Canada is becoming more and more attractive to me as a place to live.

The Beeze (aka: Tim McNeeley) said...

Well put B-Dub!

Thanks for your thoughts.