Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Moaning

Well that's one way to start off a cold Monday Moaning!

I wonder how news man Brian Williams feels about this scene featuring his daughter!  I don't know, but I saw this snip-it along with a video 10-20 seconds longer....Its from the show "Girls"...I've never seen it, mainly because the chick that is the lead in it, and I believe she write the shit too, annoys the hell out of me...

My prediction of a New England vs. Seattle "Super Bowl" is one step closer...I didn't see the Patriots game...I took the kids skating...It was Molly's first time out...

She did well...Didn't fall, but it helps when you're holding dad's hand the whole time...Big brother was there giving his support too!

It was fun, and pumped up her excitement to go see Frozen on Ice, which was her big Christmas present from my folks...Next week she'll be going with them and having a sleep-over...We love her, but her gone for a night will bring a little peace for an evening...With our kids, it's never been terrible 2's...The oldest was 3, and the boy was 3-5...Molls devil kicked in at 4...She's trying to fight growing up, and testing limits all at once...And driving Mrs. Beeze crazy...

After skating, I made dinner...A special request from the wife...Then I started printing off work kids needed too do for school...They had Thursday and Friday off because it was cold...I still can't get over that...But even worse, their school does a thing called "Blizzard Bag"....Which is school work for each class, for each day that they are closed...So, instead of enjoying a snow day, they have school work...School work that is only accessible via a website for the parents...So, the teachers get the day off, and we have to pick up that slack, while we have to still go to work, and figure out who is going to watch our kids...What the Fuck!  This world is getting really soft...Days off because its cold, and I have to play teacher on top of everything else I have to do...Eat my ass!  (Huh, nice call back to that opening pic!)

I saw a bit of the Seattle vs. Carolina game, but I had no doubt in my prediction...So, we sent Molly off to play with her big sister, and the Mrs. and I watched "Guardians of the Galaxy"...I've been dying to see, and was very happy with it.

A mentioned this world getting soft...Then I think of how I watched a video of those cock-sucking, nut-job, terrorist fucks in France, as they ran up to a Police officer and blew his brains out on the sidewalk...I watched it, and didn't even blink...This is not me saying, I'm not soft...It's me saying FUCK!  We (some of us) have become desensitized to some seriously awful shit...And I'm not saying that we shouldn't see some of this stuff...We should know just how awful some fuck-heads are...And these twats panties were in such a bunch, that they killed 12 people, because of a cartoon...A comic strip...Really! Yes, we may keep kids home from school because the wind chill makes it feel like -9 degrees outside...But these cunts killed people because a religious idol was mocked by a cartoonist...Get thicker skin assholes...There's no 72 virgins waiting for you...Fuck, there aren't 72 virgins Cleveland!

I have a strong urge to dig up my old art supplies and start publishing cartoons that mock everything...EVERYTHING!!!!!!! Your religion, my religion, the rich, the poor, black, white, brown, Indians, dots and feathers...Fucking everything!

Laughing is good...Expression is good...Different points of view are good...Getting you ass eaten is good....Killing people because your pussy hurts isn't good...It just shows me how fucking soft you are!

Have a week....And Eat my Ass!

The Beeze.

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