Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Lying, Cheating, Ruining Lives...Just Another Day Living Strong!

Lance Armstrong is finally admitting to being a total fraud...Sadly, he's sitting down with Oprah to do it, instead of with a real journalist who might hit him with some real questions...Lawsuits are already getting geared up against Armstrong...His "Brand" and legacy are going to be shot to hell...GOOD!

Now, if his LiveStrong foundation is helped you, or a loved one, that's great...There is no mistaking the great work the foundation has done, raising almost 500 million dollars...That said, how many people only donated because of Armstrong, and his story...The man inspired so many people...Beating Cancer, and becoming the world's greatest cyclist...But the inspirational story was at least half, a lie...He became the man in his sport, b y cheating...Cheating and lying...Are people feeling cheated...Do some want their money back?  There are plenty of other Cancer charities that aren't built on a lie...

Can that be washed away by all the good his charity did...Many think so, and I don't blame them for that view...But there have been stories out there for years that people have ignored...They ignored the stories because Armstrong said they were lies...And how badly people wanted to believe the amazing story of Lance Armstrong...

It wasn't just lying and cheating for Armstrong...Anyone who tried to oppose him...Or out him, he went after full force, to ruin their lives....Yahoo writer Dan Wetzel has tried to bring much of this to people's attention, and he did again LAST_NIGHT...For all the good things people think of Armstrong, he is really just a piece of shit...

A couple of those stories really stuck out to me...Wetzel wrote these as questions Oprah should ask Lance...I'm copying them here in case you're too lazy to click that link above...

"3. Let's talk Betsy Andreu, the wife of one your former teammates, Frankie. Both Andreus testified under oath that they were in a hospital room in 1996 when you admitted to a doctor to using EPO, HGH and steroids. You responded by calling them "vindictive, bitter, vengeful and jealous." And that's the stuff we can say on TV.

Would you now label them as "honest"?
And what would you say directly to Betsy, who dealt with a voicemail from one of your henchmen that included, she's testified, this:

"I hope somebody breaks a baseball bat over your head. I also hope that one day you have adversity in your life and you have some type of tragedy that will … definitely make an impact on you."

When you heard about that voicemail, why didn't you call Betsy and apologize then?"

and this one...

"4. By the way, did you take performance-enhancing drugs prior to your diagnosis of testicular cancer, as Betsy Andreu, who I now have every single reason to believe, says you admitted to doing? Do you think it played a role in your diagnosis?

And while the reason you contracted cancer does nothing to diminish the intensity of your battle, or the great example of strength it provided, don't you think it would've been an essential part of your public campaign against the disease to mention that you used performance-enhancing drugs?"

and this one...

"6. What do you say to Emma O'Reilly, who was a young Dublin native when she was first hired by the U.S. Postal team to give massages to the riders after races?

In the early 2000s, she told stories of rampant doping and how she was used to transport the drugs across international borders. In the USADA report, she testified that you tried to "make my life hell."

Her story was true, Lance, wasn't it? And you knew it was true. Yet despite knowing it was true, you, a famous multimillionaire superstar, used high-priced lawyers to sue this simple woman for more money than she was worth in England, where slander laws favor the famous. She had no chance to fight it.

She testified that you tried to ruin her by spreading word that she was a prostitute with a heavy drinking problem.

"The traumatizing part," she once told the New York Times, "was dealing with telling the truth."

Do you want to apologize to her? Not in general. I mean directly and by name. I mean, Lance, of all the people to attack like that, of all the people you had power and wealth over, you had to go after her? How Lance, could you do this to someone, and why would anyone want to believe again in someone capable of doing this to someone?"

I know many will defend Armstrong, based solely on his charity...That's fine, but I think you're wrong...Feel free to defend the foundation...Still support them...They didn't lie, cheat, and ruin lives...They just tried to help people...To me, there is no defense for Armstrong...He was a fraud in his sport/profession...And he is a fraud in life...

Fuck you Lance Armstrong!

The Beeze.

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