Monday, January 14, 2013

Naming Rights!?!

More news came down from the Browns today...They have sold the naming rights to Cleveland Browns Stadium...Also know as the "Factory of Sadness"...They have sold the rights to First Energy...First Energy, a public utility company...Something tells me our electric bills just got a little more pricey!

But what really pisses me off about this...and it's not just here in the Cleve...It has happened in many other  towns as well...Organizations/owners hold a city hostage, wanting a new stadium...The fear of losing a team like Cleveland did scares the shit out of them...So, they get the taxpayers to fund the majority, if not all of the construction of a new stadium/arena...Then the rich, douchebag, team owner turns around and sells the naming rights to the Stadium/arena....

So we paid for most, if not all of it, and you get to pocket a shit-ton of money off of it...Fuck that noise!  And in this town, smokers and drinkers should be really pissed...They got hit the hardest...A large portion of the funding that paid for the homes of the Indians, Cavs, and Browns, came from a "Sin Tax"....An extra tax on cigarettes and alcohol...If anything, Pabst Blue Ribbon, and Marlboro should get their names on these places.

I'm so over this shit!

The Beeze.

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