Monday, January 25, 2021

Monday Moaning: Fuck Josh Hawley


I’m not going to share the link because Fuck Josh Hawley! But I want to point out his ignorance. (Again) Hawley wrote a column form the New York Post where he cries about being censored and being “muzzled.” He tweeted about this topic as well and it’s also in the book he is writing that a different publisher picked up. He feels things here are becoming to feel like living in “communist China.”

Seriously!?! If you are tweeting, have a book deal and are writing columns in the news media, you’re not being “muzzled!” I guess little rich kid never got called out in his bullshit until now! Listen Josh, people not liking you isn't censorship...It's simply, you're an asshole and people don't like you.

For too long now, Josh Hawley has been bitch, moaning and complaining about "Cancel Culture." I find it ironic that a guy is complaining about "Cancel Culture" when he tried to help pull the ultimate CANCEL. Hawley has been one of the most vocal supporters of Trump's attempts at overturning the election results. He was all for overturning the results, in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Wisconsin and my state, Pennsylvania. He even signed onto Texas' Supreme Court filing to throw out all of Pennsylvania's votes, with many treason scumbags, including TED CRUZ.

Hawley has not backed down from his claims of massive voter fraud in PA, even though Trump and his merry band of the worst lawyers in the world, and Trump allies have lost 64 court cases. Including that SCOTUS case getting tossed out. They also withdrew many cases, as they have brought forth NO EVEIDENCE to support these claims. Dick-bag Josh Hawley says he is just representing his constituents and defending the First Amendment.

1. Dickhead Hawley, you like Cruz do not have constituents in Pennsylvania and you two fuck-tards should stop talking and acting as if you do. You don't know shit about Pennsylvania.

But Hawley's Constituents in Missouri did do this:

2. Hawley has clearly ignored and refused to read any of the State's findings and the Courts' rulings on the PA election, otherwise he'd possibly have a clue.

3. Fuck-stain Hawley has either rallied up or jumped onboard with ignorant-ass Pennsylvania Republicans who have also carried Trump's lies about the "stolen election." What those GOP cunts didn't tell Joshy or he's too stupid to realize, is that the PA-GOP controlled legislature wrote the PA Election laws/rules and unanimously voted the into place. Democrats were trying to hold them back a cycle. Also, a great number of these same PA Republicans spewing these bullshit lies, won their very seats in this same election, on those same ballots...Yes, including you Mike Kelly you traitorous, used car salesman, with your mouth full of Trump's balls.

4. Every single claim Hawley has made about the election results is fucking bullshit!.

(I keep writing like this, that dream of a media outlet hiring me is shot...Oh well!)

Again, you little dickhead Hawley, it's not censorship you are experiencing, people are just letting you know you're an asshole! If you don't try to throw out the votes of millions of Americans, we wouldn't hate you so much!

Oh, but there's more about Hawley to hate. Years ago, after the Oklahoma City bombing, he defended the actions of right wing extremists because some how this rich kid understands the feelings of the "disenfranchised" middle/working class. There was a great article in the KANSAS CITY STAR about this along with his racist comments about Affirmative Action, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King Jr. that I read last night, but they have since made it a pay only article, so I couldn't post a direct link...But dude is a racist fuck! I feel comfortable saying that based on his support of Militia groups that are full of White Supremacists, his comments in that article and his obstructionist acts in the senate, voting against two Biden cabinet nominees. One being Black and one being Hispanic.

Hawley takes no responsibility for his lies and rhetoric that helped fuel the January 6th attack on the Capitol, but there is no doubt he supported it and wanted it. Video of terrorists evoking his and Cruz's names and his silence in denouncing it makes that very clear.

Yes, we can scream for assholes like Hawley to resign, but he won't. His ego won't allow it. His lack of decency prevents it. We can yell for him to be expelled, but let's be real, the majority of the members of the Senate are cowards and avoid doing what is right in favor of what will keep them from a political backlash from their party and what will keep money flowing into their campaigns. So this is what we do...Or at least what I do. I'll keep attacking the asshole. I'll keep spitting the truth and facts back in his face. I'll keep inviting him on twitter to come to PA and tell me to my face why my vote should have been thrown out. I will continue to annoy this little prick every fucking day!

Have a week.


KJ the Black Bandit said...

Speak on it Beeze!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the insight, and yeah, you love your expletives. =)