Thursday, July 30, 2020

Trump Doesn't Plan on Leaving

Yeah, Trump has no plans of leaving...This picture is taken from the closest point you can get to the White House...How about that big wall...This is something a dictator would do before he has fully taken power...THIS previous blog outlines the Fascist playbook, which the Trump Administration is using...And this morning I wake up to hear that Trump is saying the November Election should be postponed or delayed, because of the COVID pandemic and because mail in voting is slow and not secure...

Ummm, Mail in voting that he, his family, VP Pence and his wife, and most of this administration all use...and the COVID pandemic...That COVID pandemic he completely mismanaged...No you child fucker, those are not valid excuses!

Also The Constitution doesn't allow you to do such a thing...Remember The Constitution? Here's a HISTORY CLASS about that!

My fellow Americans, it's time to knuckle up...This ignorant, racist, fascist asshole has to go.!

You better make sure you are registered to vote, and even though you may not like Biden, or think he's too old, (me) just like Trump and at least half the politicians in DC, or you think he's not all there, or whatever you don't like about him...You have vote for crazy, dunk uncle Joe...Look at it like you're voting for whoever his VP is...

You want America to be great? Hell, you want America to just be ok? you need to vote Trump out.