Friday, September 25, 2015

Latest Updates in the Patrick Kane Case

Last night things got uglier for the accuser of Patrick Kane when THIS happened...

Then it was reported this morning in the Chicago Tribune, that the the accuser’s friend who was with her the night of the alleged rape no longer supports the alleged victim’s claims....

"Multiple sources told the Tribune that the female friend — a college classmate — no longer fully backs the accuser’s version of events and has expressed reluctance to testify. Without her corroboration, it would be harder for prosecutors to move the case forward, those sources said.
This comes one day after the woman’s lawyer called a news conference to allege an evidence bag that once contained the rape kit from the case had been anonymously left at the home of the accuser’s mother. Attorney Thomas Eoannou, however, announced late Thursday that he no longer believed the account provided by the mother and therefore was ethically obligated to withdraw from the case.
The developments over the past two days suggested that the case against Kane had significant weaknesses, including DNA evidence that Kane’s attorney said favors the player’s claims of innocence."

Then Erie County DA, Frank Sedita held a press conference to clarify the chain custody of the evidence in Erie County...As well, he clarified that a Rape Kit is contained in a box, not a brown bag...He also showed video proof of the handling of the Rape kit...He also explained what the brown bag contained and who was in possession of throughout time....Here he is breaking down the "facts"...

Here's a teaser...The accuser has looked dirty through this whole thing...Looks like she learned it from Mom!

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