Sunday, January 29, 2012

Monday Moaning

All I can hear in my head is, "I come from a land down under!" Or did Men at Work mean cum!?!

So the NFL had their "Pro-Bowl" and the NHL had their "All-Star" game this weekend...Love hockey and football but "All-Star" games are crap...The NHL skills competition can be fun to watch, but I'm losing interest in that these days too...Now they do a shoot-out thing, trying to be like the NBA's dunk contest...Guys hot-dogging and using props...Everyone was swinging on Patrick Kane's nuts, but his moves weren't the best...And I had more fun watching the goalies try to fuck with the shooters...Nobody is giving Carey Price any love...He turned his back to the shooter and watched his reflection in the glass, and he made the save!

Prince Fielder signing in the D was cover plenty already by everyone and their brother, and I could give a damn about Basketball...So what to talk about in Sports? Well, in a shocking update, I will defend a sports writer from The Cleveland Plain Dealer...The PD as we call it, is a piece of shit! Just a horrible paper...And now former Browns beat reporter Tony Grossi was not a favorite of mine...But I'm sticking up for Tony Grossi today...WHY? because his own shitty bosses, at his shitty paper didn't!

Last week Grossi who has worked the Browns beat for 18 years, tweeted that Browns owner, Randy Lerner is "a pathetic figure, the most irrelevant billionaire in the world."

Now, I don't disagree with him at all on that! But Grossi quickly deleted the tweet when he realized what happened, saying it was suppose to be a text messaged "smart-(aleck) remark to a colleague." He also apologized to Lerner and the Browns...

But the damage was done as many followers re-tweeted it...Why wouldn't they? Finally, a reporter covering the team, said what we had all been thinking for quite some time! Fans are always talking about how Lerner is never at games...Always watching his Soccer team in England, or in New York with all his big bank buddies, plotting how to rape the middle-class more...Grossi was right on, and Browns fans were happy some one cut loose...Sadly, Grossi back-pedaled...Most likely fearing for his job...Right again, because instead of having his back in any way, shape, or form, the yanked Grossi off the beat...

And no matter what they try to say, I'm sure Lerner and the Browns organization made it clear, that they didn't want to see him again...Since Lerner took over after is father's death the franchise has come across as thin-skinned...It's skin got even thinner when the walrus, Fatty Holmgren came on board...Snapping at the media for questioning him, and the direction of the team...Snapping at the media because they wanted questions answered...Saying, "You're with us, or your not, and remember that when you come looking for playoff tickets." Try winning 6 games first, you fat fuck!

Listen up Fatty and Lerner...Here's the only trophy you two fuck-stains will be seeing...

And before people get on Grossi and his Twitter slip-up, just as they do whenever some dope gets in trouble because of a tweet...I personally know a Plain Dealer Sports Writer...Known him for years thanks to my dad...I have sat next to his drunk ass in a fine Cleveland watering hole, as he hit on my wife, and she laughed at him...Three minutes later, he was sleeping on the bar...None of these PD hacks want to be on Twitter...They were forced get Twitter accounts...There is a reason my dad isn't on Twitter...Guys that age don't need or want to fuck with new technology...They don't want to be on the grid anymore then they already are...They don't have the same Look at me mentality as Ashton Kutcher and I do!

So the PD made Grossi get on Twitter, but when he makes a mistake, they don't have his back...What twats...If they had any balls, class, and credibility, they would have said, 'Our guy made a mistake, and apologized, it's over and done with. If you don't like it, too bad.' But we know that won't happen...So Tony Grossi, I don't know where they are going to stick you, other then in the ass...So I suggest start writing a column, so you can get away with blasting dopes like Lerner...And put Twitter to good use...Shred all those pricks that didn't back you up...Burn that shitty bridge to the ground!

-Lat week I blasted TIM_THOMAS...Plenty of people disagree with me, but fuck it, I stand by what I write...Taking a political stand, and saying it has nothing to do with politics sounds retarded...Then after calling attention to yourself and your stand, and refusing to talk about it continues to make you look retarded...Let alone, I thought how you originally made your statement made you sound like a dolt!

-Little Hockey here...Have you ever heard of the Bakersfield Condors? That's okay...But you gotta figure, if you're playing Hockey in Bakersfield California, you better know how to fight...

These two teams racked up 14 ejections and 278 penalty minutes, with 18 fighting majors!

Want to learn more about Hockey in Bakersfield...I suggest the book, "They Don't Play Hockey in Heaven"...Great book about life in minor league hockey, life after cancer, and life.

-Well we started in Australia, we may as well end there...

Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

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