Friday, October 3, 2014

Thug Kitchen My Ass!

Yep, there's a cookbook, and blog out there called "Thug Kitchen." and these are just a couple examples from it...


I'm sorry, but these people are trying way to hard....But wait, news has broke, and people are getting very upset...These are the writers of "Thug Kitche!"

Holy shit!  They're WHITE! 

Ummm, yeah, that was kind of obvious...1. They think saying Fuck, shit, ass, bitch,  and goddamn somehow qualifies you as sounding "thug"....Clearly they are jumping on the "thug" meaning black bandwagon...I'm not sure when this happened, but it did...People say "thug" or "urban" because they are afraid to say black, or something worse...they think they can slip past any racial discussion by saying these words...2.  I've gone through a number of their shitty recipes, and the "thugs" I know make better shit...And how the fuck are you gonna go this route and not drop a bomb-ass fried chicken with watermelon salad recipe!  (Boom, that's how you slip in some sweet stereotypical, racist shit!)

These are two of the whitest people I've seen, and my wife and I are pretty fucking pasty! And it's clear how white they are by their recipes, and what they say, in hopes to be considered "thug"...Have either of these two done time...I'm not talking holding sell for public intoxication, or a DUI...I'm talking time...Possession with intent...Gun chargers...Assault...B&E...Because that would get people thinking "thug," not saying fuck a lot...I'm going out on a limb and saying NO!

I've worked with people who would be considered thugs...By society, and some by themselves...These two white dopes have no idea what a "thug" is, and I just resorting to a classic business strategy...Take something from the black community, or that sounds black, and make money off of it...Just ask Led Zeppelin...Jimmy Paige made his bones ripping off black blues musicians and not crediting them...Go look at how many Elvis hits were actually written by black men...Rap was getting big, Aerosmith got in bed with Run DMC, which brought the seemingly dead rock band back to life...It wasn't white kids in the suburbs that started sagging pants...They ripped that from what they were seeing on Yo! MTV Raps...

Now we have "Thug Kitchen" from two white people who probably never worked in a real kitchen, never personally knew a "thug," and would shit their pants if they did...

Fuck you Matt Holloway and Michelle Davis!  Fuck you in the ass with a big "thug" dick!

The Beeze.

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