Sunday, March 18, 2012

Monday Moaning

Well I hope everyone had a good St. Patrick's Day...Could it have been as good as this slut's? I doubt it!

Mine wasn't very thrilling...I had to work at the Fish House...Not known as a St. Patrick's Day hot spot, but we had a solid night with good push for a couple hours...I also forced a little Irish on to the special sheet...First we had my Grandma's Salmon cakes with some arugula and mustard aioli for an appetizer...Then we had Pan Seared John Dory with Colcannon and a Tomato Vinaigrette...We sold that bad boy out! How can you go wrong mixing cabbage with mashed potatoes!?!

In sports the big talk is all about how almost every one's brackets are busted already...Duke, Missouri going down early was great...Ohio University beating Michigan was great too...But honestly, I don't care about basketball...I did a bracket just for shits and grins...Hoping people's would fall apart and I would look like a genius...I never thought it would work...But I had Ohio U. going to the sweet 16...I got Marquette going to the final four...Oh yeah, not knowing shit about basketball is paying off!

Then there was the NFL "Free Agent Frenzy"...As expected, the Browns did jack-shit...They let Hillis walk...Then they let safety Mike Adams walk...That guy has been a consistent, hard-nosed player...Shit, the secondary just got weaker...Then the cut Eric Steinbeck...After pumping sunshine up our ass about how good the OL would be when he got back from his injury...But wait...They signed Froste Rucker! A DE with 4 sacks and 2 domestic battery charges...Well at least they are still all about bringing in quality, character guys!

They blew the trade up to get RG3...And clearly had no backup plan...They didn't even try to talk to Matt Flynn, who signed with Seattle...Actually other then Rucker, it seems like they haven't talked to any free-agents...This team desperately needs 1 or 2 veteran WR's yet they didn't make a move on any...And I don't care that Cleveland isn't a desirable place for free-agents...Buffalo landed Mario Williams...Have you been to Buffalo? It's a little Cleveland...

It's also fucked up that the Browns, one of the youngest teams in the NFL...With hardly any talent, only has $17 million in cap space...What the fuck...Clearly these fuck-stains have written up some bad deals!

I have no faith that the big, fat, walrus, Mike Holmgren, his GM Tom Heckert, who didn't attend the Senior Bowl or combine, (I don't care about your health issues, do your job fuck stick) and their idiot head coach, Pat Shurmur, will ever turn this train-wreck of a franchise around...

And I have even less faith in owner Randy Lerner...Lerner who cares more about his English Soccer team, Aston Villa, has shown little to no interest in the Browns since he took them over after his father's passing...And as for Aston Villa...They lost $85 million last year, and Lerner turned around and dumped another $40 million into that mess...Yet this fucking cunt wants the city of Cleveland and the tax payers of Cuyahoga County to pay for repairs and renovations and that stupid ass Browns Stadium...EAT A DICK RANDY!!!

As for me, and my little world...I've been battling a lack of inspiration for a couple months now...Even when I have something on my mind, I find myself looking at the screen for awhile, and then just shutting it down...I'm trying to work through it...I even turned to the work of the brilliant and talent singer-songwriter Damien Rice for inspiration...He writes some amazing and brutally honest songs...

The kids are doing well...And our decision to send them to a private Catholic School next year was recently reinforced...The wife and I were dealing with some other family matters, when the school nurse called my cell and started by saying, "It's not an emergency, but your daughter was being choked by a boy on the playground." Umm, how the fuck is that not an emergency!?!

So of course I flew off the handle, mother fucking everyone and their brother...Let me be honest with you all...The staff at the school was lucky I was 2 hours away when they called, because if it had been a normal day, shit would have gotten real!

The asshole, fucking boy choked my daughter, because some little, cunt, bitch told him to...And I don't feel bad at all describing kids like that...They're fucking assholes...The main reason, because their parents are fucking assholes...I'm sick of single parent households, and a bad home life and other bullshit being an excuse for kids being assholes...I'm not saying that these things don't have an effect on kids...They do...I'm saying, I'm sick of all the shitty parents who suck at raising their kids...Or just flat-out, don't raise their kids...Fuck you, you fucking fucks!

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

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