Sunday, January 22, 2012

Monday Moaning

So, Friday night I wrote about being in a SLUMP...Well thankfully this weekend brought plenty to write about...Starting with the Patriots moving onto the "Super Bowl" after beating the Baltimore Ravens 23-20...It was a pretty good game, but it was clear that Tom Brady didn't look right/comfortable all day...And as for Joe Flacco, he didn't look awful, and I'd like to see him tell Ed Reed to shut the fuck up, and don't bite on the play-action...If Ed Reed watched some tape, he'd see that Flacco's shitty receivers hardly ever get separation from the coverage...I'm so happy the Ravens lost!

They had their chances...But the Patriots defense, which has had people shit on them all year, knuckled up at times...And then with 15 seconds left, the Ravens trot out their kicker Billy Cundiff to tie it up...Poor bastard went all Scott Norwood! And after the game, he gave Patriots fan a high-five!

Then there was the 49ers and Giants...Two teams playing really good defense...Two offenses who grind it out...These two teams went at it back and forth and punch for punch...So much so, they had to take it to overtime...And as the Patriots can thank Billy Cundiff, the Giants can thank San Fran return man Kyle Williams, who was a fumble machine, setting up the Giants game winning field goal...

Now we have two weeks of over-hyping the "Super Bowl"...And my wife, born in Boston, will actually be watching the game.......For the commercials!

-The other BIG story in the sports world...Joe Paterno died early Sunday morning...When I saw that he was near death Saturday night, I won't lie...I had spent the entire day in bed sleeping, or on the crapper with the green apple splatters...The Flu had struck me at 2:00AM and was kicking my ass...But the news of Paterno's failing health brought a smile to my face...The only thing that would have been better is if they would have found him dead, with Jerry Sandusky's cock in his mouth, and a shotgun in Sandusky's mouth...Yeah, let that visual soak in for a minute....Fucking scumbags!

Of course Twitter was buzzing when the word came down that Paterno died...And Opie from the O&A Show never fails to smack people in the face with a solid dose of honesty, tweeting this...

"What an insult! Penn State having a MOMENT OF SILENCE for Joe Paterno. That's what got him in trouble in the first place!"

After taking some shit from some dolts, he came back with this...

"So strange how many people are sticking up for Joe Paterno seeing how Joe didn't stick up for innocent children. #GetHelp"

After more bullshit from dolts he said this...

"Maybe the haters are right saying it's too soon for Joe Paterno jokes. I guess I'll be like Joe Pa and wait 10 years. #ZingZangZoom"

I'm all in with Opie...These people trying to blow off the evil shit that went on at Penn State, while Paterno was suppose to be the all knowing, all powerful, perfect example of class and ethics, are fucking insane...The man deserves no moment of silence, no honor, no tribute of any kind...He let the worst type of predator run lose for more then decade, and he let him use Penn State University to help catch his victims...When Sandusky finally does die, Paterno will be waiting for him in hell!

-As I said, after dealing with two sick kids last week, it finally struck me...The wife kept the kids out of my hair, and besides crapping and sleeping, I watched the New York Rangers beat the Boston Bruins in overtime Saturday...It was everything that is great about hockey...Hard-nosed play...Both teams blocking shots, killing penalties, skating hard, hitting hard, and taking desperation shots to win it in OT...I know I speaking to a minority, but people, forget about that basketball garbage...Check out some hockey, it'll be good for ya!

-Friday night before I got sick, the wife and I had some quality time...A few minutes afterwards, she burped and said, "My burp tastes like your cum." That has nothing to do with anything, but I just thought I'd embarrass the Mrs...Maybe that explains why she had a minor case of the splatters Sunday!

-Sunday afternoon I was doing somewhat better, so I shoveled the driveway...Yes, it snowed Friday night, and the local news stations acted like this was some shocking, event...It's January in Cleveland, can we stop getting so worked up when it snows!

So after the shoveling, I took the Little Beeze sledding...there's a great hill near our house, just don't go there late at night, because some queen will be looking to pick you up for a rear-end fondue!

It was like a Norman Rockwell Winter scene...Well, a Rockwell scene with blood, tears, and compound fractures...Kids just flying down the hill, wiping other kids out...Some ass-hat adult wiped out Little Beeze and four other kids...I ran down to check on him, and the guy was handing him his sled, and the douche said, "He got drilled pretty good." I said, "No, shit asshole, you drilled him!" He asked if there was a problem, and I said, "No, just show me your kid, And I'll spend the rest of the day aiming for him!" He walked away, and I didn't see him again...

The boy loves when get geared up for a fight...Then he took his energy back on the hill...He wasted a couple of teen age girls, as he clipped on in the back of the legs and flipped her, he ran over her friends head...Bitch shouldn't have been laying there!

Another successful run!

And here he is getting ready to for another one!

It was a blast, and he can't wait to go again...

That's it for now...Have a week...

Later, The Beeze.

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