Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a Dirty Bitch

What? Too Soon? Well, I've never been one to shy away from that...

Listen, I barely paid any attention to this whole Casey Anthony trial...The main reason being Nancy Grace...If that gash is beating on a story for 4 solid months, I'm pretty sure it's gonna piss me off...Why? 1. Nancy Grace could drive a nun to calling a kid, a no-good, cock-sucking, fuck-stain, piece of shit...2. The little I heard about Casey Anthony, made it clear that she was just as hateable as Nancy Grace...And she sounded pretty guilty...

Why would I want to spend time in a trial of a murderous, cunt of a mother, with a couple of whack-job parents who helped hide what happened to this little girl...Girl isn't reported missing for 31 days...No, Nothing shady there! What the fuck!?! After hearing some of the tapes of her on the phone from jail, talking to her idiot parents, it became clear to me that she was guilty, and her along with her idiot parents should all be removed from this Earth...These fuckers should not be allowed to breathe the same air as me!

So I didn't need Nancy Grace's non-stop coverage...Or that of most major news outlets...What happened to that little girl is awful...But the media has become really fucking lazy...They find one horrible story, and ride as long as they can...But it's time to wake up people...Kids are dying daily in this country...And I'm not just talking about dying from diseases...

The U.S. averages 4,000 deaths of children from gun violence a year...Why doesn't the media cover that as much as they covered this dirty twat...Let's be honest, the story became less about the poor, dead, little girl, and more about the skank mom and her fucked up family...The news media is a joke!

My bet, within a year, Casey Anthony will be dead, (OD, Murder, Suicide, Mystery) and Nancy Grace will have a new story to harp on relentlessly.

Later, The Beeze.

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