Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kate F*cking Upton!

I don't give a shit that she's wearing a Yankees hat! You know a chick is hot when she's out there in a baseball jersey, making Erin Andrews look like a slouch!

I hate the MLB All-Star game...I think the whole thing is garbage, and the only thing that would make this game tonight really exciting for me, would be if Tim McCarver dropped dead right on the air...

The Home Run Derby is the big show for these few days in July, but to me it's lost it's luster...It's just glorified batting practice...And of course ESPN has it slotted for a certain time, and it always runs over by two hours...

Then they show the celebrity softball game...Some retired players...Some actors and maybe mix in a hottie...Thank God for the hottie...

Ohhh, the Hottie!

Getting Kate Upton there was the best thing to happen at the All-Star festivities!

Later, The Beeze.

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