Friday, May 2, 2014

Kentucky Derby Odds...And My Shitty Picks

Derby Day is almost here...Get out your stupid hats ladies...Drink up another Mint Julep...And don't forget to place your bet...

Here are the horses and their odds, listed by post position...

1. Vicar's in Trouble (22-1)

2. Harry's Holiday (41-1)

3. Uncle Sigh (21-1)

4. Danza (10-1)

5. California Chrome (5-2)

6. Samraat (16-1)

7. We Miss Artie (25-1)

8. General a Rod (27-1)

9. Vinceremos (42-1)

10. Wildcat Red (14-1)

11. Hoppertunity (scratched)

12. Dance With Fate (16-1)

13. Chitu (26-1)

14. Medal Count (16-1)

15. Tapiture (29-1)

16. Intense Holiday (10-1)

17. Commanding Curve (23-1)

18. Candy Boy (16-1)

19. Ride On Curlin (13-1)

20. Wicked Strong (9-1)

21. Pablo Del Monte (scratched)

Now every year the wife, kids, and I pick horses, and have a family bet...But I like to place a couple real bets as well...That said, I'm out of the loop this year...So this year I'm going solely off of the studying I did over the last couple hours...No science here...Just some old fashioned reading, and guess work...

Clearly, California Chrome is the favorite...Favorites suck...No money to make there...Screw that horse...I'm taking 6. Samraat (16-1) to win...A couple people in the know really like this horse...And there's good money to be made...I'm all in...20. Wicked Strong (9-1) to place...Good horse...Good name...Moves into the 19th post position with 11. Hoppertunity scratching...A lot of people liked that horse, but a possible foot injury has taken him show, I'm going with 12. Dance With Fate (16-1)...hey, when you're guessing at horse racing, how can you not take a horse with that name...He should run well, I just hope he'll hold off 5.California Chrome (5-2)....

For a longshot...I like 15. Tapiture (29-1)...I'll probably throw a couple bucks on 17. Commanding Curve (23-1) as well...

Good luck!

The Beeze.

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Buster McNamara said...

I have Vicar in a family pool