Friday, August 16, 2013

Just Some Random Shit

So Fox is launching their own Sports Network...Why not? NBC Sports and CBS Sports are out there still losing to ESPN, along with the NFL and MLB Networks...What's one more sports network with limited programming?

Well Fox is gonna sell theirs differently...They're selling it the old fashioned way...With tits and ass...

I'm not looking forward to them throwing it to Donovan McNabb for his bullshit analysis, but I may stop by to check them out...They'd have me watching all the time if they set aside a couple hours a day of these two donut-bumping!

And for the record, Charissa Thompson is totally hotter the Erin Andrews!

-At Michigan State, they had a little fun with the football players...Nothing like seeing some so called tough guys get the shit scared out of them...

-Famous Red Sox announcer, and former player, Jerry Remy's son has found himself in trouble again...

This time, the crime is a lot more serious then selling steroids...Jared Remy had just been in court over domestic assault charges and was released on  "personal recognizance"...So what does he do?  He stabs Jennifer Martel, the woman he is accused of assaulting, to death...While her daughter is in the house...Dude was already a 'roid raging dealer...Then he was a woman beater...Now he's a murderer...How quickly one can go from a piece of shit, to a big steaming pile of shit...Love Jerry Remy, but I hope Jared burns in hell!

-Many times I have written about how China sucks, and how much I hate them...Well, let the hate continue for these assholes...Checkout their LION!

That's it...It's Friday people...Who wants Fish Tacos!?!

Have a  good weekend!

The Beeze.

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Buster McNamara said...

I'll take T&A over the Oprah crap at the 4 letter network.