Monday, August 27, 2012

The Beeze's NCAA Conference Predictions

Yeah, that's the best thing you're going to see at a Arizona State game this year!

So this is my predictions for how the conferences will shake out this season in college football...This is based entirely on my own opinions, from my years of sitting on my ass and watching football, as well as sitting on the toilet and reading up on as much college football news as I can...

Let's start with the Big-Ten...

No, it won't be Ohio State and Michigan...Ohio State isn't even eligible for the Big-Ten Championship...Penn State is also ineligible...First we'll start with the "Leaders" division...Yes, the Big-Ten named their divisions, "Leaders" and "Legends"...I had no idea Twats and Douchebags was already taken...

1. Wisconsin
2. Ohio State
3. Illinois
4. Penn State
5. Purdue
6. Indiana

Wisconsin has the most talent, right now and their division is weak...Ohio State will do okay, but will still be adjusting to Urban Meyer football, which is a lot different from Jim Tressel ball...Well, except for the criminals, and cheating parts!

I have to say this...I can't wait for Saturday, to watch the Ohio University Bobcats beat up Penn State in not-so-"Happy Valley!"

1. Nebraska
2. Michigan
3. Michigan State
4. Northwestern
5. Iowa
6. Minnesota

Seriously, why are they still playing football at Minnesota? That program is a joke...The most important game on the schedule is Michigan at Nebraska on October 27th...The winner of that game will take the division, and I'm putting my money on the 'Huskers...And I'll take Nebraska over Wisconsin in the conference Championship game...

Now lets look at the Big East...

1. South Florida
2. Rutgers
3. Louisville
4. Cincinnati
5. Syracuse
6. Pitt
7. UConn
8. Temple

Okay, this conference is in a sad state...This is the year B.J. Daniels and USF put it all together...Louisville heads to Rutgers the last week of the season...That will decide 2nd place, and I'm taking Rutgers D over Louisville's QB Teddy Bridgewater, who is getting a bit of hype...Syracuse will be up slightly, while Pitt slides...Temple, UConn, stick to Basketball.

Moving from the Big lEast, will go next to the slightly better, ACC...

1. Clemson
2. Florida State
3. Wake Forest
4. NC State
5. Maryland
6. Boston College

Yep, I'm taking Clemson over the over-hyped FSU...Clemson is loaded at the skill positions, and has a solid defense...Wake Forest will be up this year...Boston College is clearly focusing solely on Hockey...

1. Virginia Tech
2. Georgia Tech
3. North Carolina
4. Miami
5. Virginia
6. Duke

No surprise here...VT is always in it...UNC has some good talent, but they're still learning about football there...Duke, still hasn't figured it out! Tech will take the conference Championship game, well, since Clemson never seems to win a big game.

Well, now we should get to the most loved, and hated conference out there...

The SEC...

Oh, were looking for some Southern Fried Hottie...Sorry about that...I just thought in this world of hyped QB's, people should get use to seeing AJ McCarron...McCarron will be leading Alabama to the SEC Championship game...There's no doubt the West will be a battle between 'Bama and LSU...The Tide have the better all-around team, and the better QB...It's theirs to lose...

1. Alabama
2. LSU
3. Arkansas
4. Auburn
5. Miss State
6. Texas A&M
7. Ole Miss

1. Georgia
2. South Carolina
3. Missouri
4. Florida
5. Tennessee
6. Vanderbilt
7. Kentucky

Georgia is loaded, and there toughest competition is South Carolina, which they'll take care of, because Spurrier seems to find ways to lose...Mizzou, Florida, Tenn, and Vandy are in a log jam...Kentucky...Another Basketball school still trying to figure out this pesky Football...I'll take Alabama over Georgia in the Conference Championship game.

Now it's time for the Big-12...

1. Oklahoma
2. Kansas State
3. Texas
4. TCU
5. West Virginia
6. Oklahoma State
7. Baylor
8. Texas Tech
9. Kansas
10. Iowa State

To me, Oklahoma is a no-brainer...Just a loaded team...2nd and 3rd will be decided December 1st when Texas visits K-State...Texas' defense will keep them in the hunt this year, but I'm gambling on Collin Klein and Kansas State to shake things up...West Virginia will realize they're not in the Big East anymore...

Now, we'll end with the Pac-12...

1. Oregon
2. Washington
3. Stanford
4. Washington State
5. California
6. Oregon State

You can't go against Oregon and their high-octane attack...They're loaded with talent on both sides of the ball...Washington is going to compete, and scare some people...Washington State is going to surprise people, and if they get a bit of luck, they could pull out an upset or two...


1. USC
2. Utah
3. Arizona
5. Arizona State
6. Colorado

Yeah, I hate USC, but you gotta except that they're a powerhouse...The rest of the division, flip a coin...It's just a bunch of average, with the exception the steaming pile of crap known as Colorado...Sad what has happened to that program...

The Pac-12 is a two team race, and it looks to be the same two teams for awhile...Oregon and USC just keep reloading, and the rest of the conference can't keep up...As good as I know USC is, I'm going to put my money on Oregon, in the conference championship game...Hopefully Notre Dame LB, Manti Te'o will take Matt Barkley out on November 24th, to help out the Ducks...

I know the smaller conference fans will give me shit if I don't give them love, so real quick here...Boise State takes the Mountain West...Fresno State, and Wyoming will push them, and we'll see major improvement from Colorado State...

Ohio will take the MAC East, while Bowling Green gives them a good push...Toledo will take the MAC West in a tight battle with Western Michigan...The OU Bobcats will beat the Rockets in the Championship game...

Houston will take the Conference USA Championship after beating UCF...Tulsa is the only other team with a shot, except they have to deal with Houston's non-stop offense...And we'll give the Sunbelt to Arkansas State...Does anyone follow the Sunbelt?

Later, the Beeze.

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