Tuesday, November 8, 2011

"Factory of Sadness" Going Viral

The last couple weeks I've been going off on how awful the Cleveland Browns have been...Including calling for fans to stop wasting their money on such a horrible product...Well after Sunday's embarrassing performance against the Texans, Cleveland comic, Mike Polk took to the streets and expressed his thoughts, and the thoughts of so many of us on the Browns...

It's funny because it's true...Adding to the humor, Polk is out there rocking the jersey of Butch Davis' best draft pick ever...Long Snapper, Ryan Pontbriand!

Polk's "Factory of Sadness" hit a home run, and just hours later, the image at the top, Cleveland Browns Stadium turned "Factory of Sadness" was born...The video has hit news shows, and is all over Facebook and Twitter...Mike Polk finally getting some love...Too bad the Browns have to suck so bad for Polk to get some attention.

Later, The Beeze.

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Anonymous said...

I wish for the days when the Battle of Ohio meant something ... but that hasn't been so since the 1980s. Sure my Bengals are off to a surprising start, but we've suffered long too ... thus I feel your pain.