Friday, October 9, 2009


I got some serious what the f**k going on today...It all started when I heard the President was named the winner of The Nobel Peace Prize...

This isn't a crack on President Obama...Some dopes decided to give this to him...Why? No one has really been able to give me a good answer...Is it because of his great speeches and grandiose promises? I don't know...But I think it's a bunch of horse sh!t...

How about this...At the beginning of Spring Training, Indians pitcher Aaron Laffey will promise to win 22 games, with an ERA under 2.00 and at least 180 stikeouts...Okay...Now give him the CY Young Award! F**king ridiculous, yes?

Then I was chatting with some co-workers about the H1N1 hype, and whether or not we should get the vaccination...This is some more horse sh!t...First off all flu vaccines are nothing but guess work in a white coat...Plus this one was so rushed, they don't know if they got it right...Then there's always the side effects...You know, like the really good ones when you take a vaccine, and it ends up giving you the very thing you wanted to prevent...No thank you Dr.

And who's to say this isn't all a bunch of drummed up crap...You know...A little population control, mixed with a health scare, to help push through some health care reform...(yes I've become very un-trusting these days)...Don't get me wrong, I hate insurance companies, and I want to see some REAL health care reform...But these dolts in Washington don't give a sh!t about what we think or want...

And since I'm ranting about this crap...People die every year from some type of flu...That's just the way it is...Listen the majority of flu deaths are the elderly or infants...Those with the weakest immune system...That's right we have an immune system to fight of sicknesses and build up a tolerance against them...The rest of the flu deaths, I chalk up to people being f**king idiots...If you get that sick after all this H1N1 hype, and don't go to doctor to be treated...Not only are you an idiot...Now you're dead idiot...Thank you, more air for me to breathe!

Next up in my happy little crock-pot of rage tonight...After picking up the kids and going to the bank we were on our way to DUNKIN' DONUTS for a treat and I needed some coffee...So We're on our merry way, and I kinda didn't make a complete stop at a stop sign...But hear me out...I was the only traffic...There was nobody coming from any other direction at this 3-way stop...But who's parked around the corner in his not so looking like a police car, car...That's right...Johnny Law...Right up my ass...

As he walked to my window I already had mi license and proof of insurance ready for him...Why fight it...I knew what I did...He said, "you know, you should stop at those stop signs." I of course, as always show police officers respect, and said..."Yes sir, I kinda rolled that one...Sorry about that." He went back to his car and I sat there with the little Beeze busting my balls...He comes back with a ticket...I'm not saying I don't deserve it...I'm not trying to be an asshole...BUT...Give me a break...There's bigger problems then me rolling a stop sign at an empty intersection...But whatever...Then I find out the fine...$120...F**K YOU! That's insane!

My taxes that went up twice this year aren't enough...Now you gotta jack up the traffic violation fines...Last year I got a ticket for speeding...I was doing 48 in a 25...The fine was $75...The scale seems off to me...Whatever...Protect and serve this!

Then we get home...I get the mail...What's in there? The latest Sporting News...This stupid rag's subscription hasn't run out yet...It was once good...Now it totally sucks...I look at the cover and see Sidney 'take a dive' Crosby and Ben Rothlisberger, with his big, fat, retarded, Shrek face...I wanted to puke...
Then I see they named Pittsburgh their #1 sports city this year...Then I puked! Not so much because it was Pittsburgh...But because I live in Cleveland, and I've seen how Pittsburgh has progressed and changed itself...Not just sports wise...But as a city as a whole...Okay that, and seeing Crosby and Rothlisberger on the cover...I hate those two douche bags!
Okay, enough ranting for tonight...Let's end with a song...I've had this one stuck in my head for awhile...Here it is unplugged..."The End is Where We Begin"

Later, The Beeze.


bwsmith25 said...

I've yet to find out why our President deserved the prize. I find it ironic that the head of a nation at WAR with another country won the Nobel PEACE prize - but whatever, it's not my call to make.

I didn't get an H1N1 flu shot for the same conspiracy theory you speak of. When the gov't does their "population cleansing" I plan on being one of the people left here.

Sorry you got a ticket. I've been there plenty of times before. It's not fun.

Thankfully my time reading the SN mag is over - as I haven't received a copy in a month or so. All I can say about that is it's about freaking time they stopped sending it to me.

Nice ranting Beeze.

The BEEZE said...

Thanks, B-Dub...It's a messed up world we're living in...They won't vaccinate me...I wanna be here to see it fixed or fall apart...Either way, it should be a good show!