Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Beeze's Hump Day Hits

Ahhh, as American as warm apple pie! Yes, it's time for the Hump Day hits again...We took last week off, and we're posting early this week, or else it won't get posted at all...

What's first this week...Well the NFL labor talks haven't been going very well so far, and even the talking heads who had been positive that a deal would get done, are changing their tune now...Owners ripping players during talks...Yes, Carolina's Jerry Richardson ripped Peyton Manning...Hey asshole, that's my job! He also dissed Drew Brees...Reports say Richardson was sarcastic when Manning was talking about players' safety...Richardson said, "What do you know about player safety?"

What a dick! Some one should have asked him what he knows about running a football team, seeing as how his sucks balls!

Me personally, I hope there is no NFL next year...Let these rich guys on both sides of the table show their true colors...They've got the hottest ticket around...This country is Football crazy, and loves the NFL...They all make a fortune off of us fans, and these millionaires are all gonna bitch about money...Fuck'em! I'll watch college and high school football...I'm from Cleveland, I'm use to not having NFL Football!

The St. Louis Cardinals have offered Albert Pulos $200 million over 8 years...They are fucking nuts...The guys numbers have been slipping for the last few years...His strikeouts are up...Doubles are down...Average is down...He's become just a power hitter...And I hate to agree with Colin Cowherd, but power hitters are in the top 3 most overpaid professional athletes...And 8 years...Dude doesn't have 8 great years left in him...Maybe 5 good years...This is why baseball continues to struggle...The award contracts based on what you use to do, and not what you can do..."Baseball is always looking in the rear-view mirror"...

Next, I have to hit on the Grammy's briefly...I watched a lot of the show, and I have to say, most of it sucked...Most of the music nominated, sucked...Most of the music performed sucked...And most of the show as a whole sucked...And please, nobody tell me again how great Arcade Fire is...All they did was blind everyone with their non-stop strobing lights, so they couldn't see the band play very average music, and scream into their mics...And why do so many bands now sound like they're just ripping crap from the '80s?

Next thing about the Grammy's and all award shows really...Can stupid gay guys stop telling us what is a fashion disaster...Yes, some gay guy said that Rihanna's dress was a "fashion disaster"...

Dude, this is fashion gold....That's the type of dress we need to see more of...Excuse me while I look just a bit more...

Now for the most important part of Hump Day...This week we're going to look at the new Adam Sandler movie that the media has been trying to force down our throats...On this fine Hump day, Which of Sandler's lovely co-stars would you most like to Hump?

A. Brooklyn Decker

B. Jennifer Aniston

C. Nicole Kidman

It's not even fair is it?

Later, The Beeze.

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Anonymous said...

Well done on Richardson. In terms of King Albert, 8 years is a too long of a contract for any athlete! Nice tush Rihanna!