Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Beeze's Hump Day Hits

Back again for another round of the Hump Day Hits! Let's get right to it...

Shaq signed with the Celtics...He's looking to win his 6th title with his 6th team...I wonder if it can happen...The Celtics are pretty much the same team they were last year, just a little older, and they added age with Shaq...I have to think they aren't going to lie down for the boys in Miami...

Rumors were flying around about Brett Favre recently, and surprisingly it was about his future in Football...Or maybe not in Football...The rumors were about Favre sending VERSUS Hottie, Jenn Sterger pictures of his c0ck...One of him wearing nothing but crocs and a watch, just showing off his junk...

Hey, she's hot as hell, but damn Brett, you already had people thinking you were a douchebag, now this...I have to say, I was surprised by this story...I wouldn't think Favre would be that guy...But anymore should we be surprised by these stories?

In other goofy f*cking news, one of Justin Bieber's loving fans blasted him with a bottle of water, and it's hilarious!

In the past I've written about the plans for a Mosque to be built near "Ground Zero." If you missed it, here's a
LINK...It is the ultimate show of disrespect...Well, so far they haven't changed their minds, and it makes me nuts...This topic was being discussed on the Opie & Anthony Show...As you probably know, I'm a big fan...I totally agree with them on this topic, and greatly respect their opinions, since they live and work in New York City...Here what they had to say...

Well if you need a laugh, there's a guy in Tennessee running for Governor...At first I thought it was bullshit, but he's for real...Seriously, he's really running for Governor...How f*cked up is Tennessee!?!

Now onto the most important part of this...On this lovely Hump Day...Which of these female sports reporters would you most like to lay the wood to...

A. Shana Hiatt

B. Carrie Milbank

C. Heidi Watney

As always Read and Respond!

Later, The Beeze.

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afrankangle said...

Shaq signing with the Celtics caused a yawn. Brett waffles so well, he should go into politics.

Bail from Tennessee was simply interesting. Jenn Sterger is hands down over the other three. However, given the choices, Carrie wins my vote with the pose.

Enjoy your weekend.