Thursday, May 12, 2016

Question: "The '59 Sound"

The band, The Gaslight Anthem wrote a song awhile back called, "The '59 Sound" the song, a very good question is put to the listener...Death, other than the being dead part, is a great unknown...What happens? What do we see? What do we feel? What do we hear? In this song, the key question is,what is the last thing that we hear when we die?

So, we don't know what we hear...If we hear anything...The question I'm putting to you, and myself, is what song do you want to hear when you die?   What will be the soundtrack of your death?

And no sappy answers like, 'the loving voices of my family'...Nope...No way...What song?

Here is my answer...

Now it's your turn...

What's your death song?

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