Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Trade that Wasn't

The famous line is, "There's no crying in baseball!"

I guess Wilmer Flores didn't get that memo...Wednesday night, word broke out through social media that Flores and injured pitcher Zach Wheeler were being traded to the Brewers for OF Carlos Gomez...There was even a picture posted on Instagram of Gomez celebrating the trade and saying goodbye with Brewers teammates...

Word had reached the crowd at Citi Field as they rose to their feet and cheered Flores for what was expected to be his last at-bat in a Mets uniform...Flores has been with the Mets since they signed him at 16 years old...He went to leave the game, and was sent back out to the field...He proceeded to fight back tears throughout the rest of the game...Social media was going insane bashing the Mets for leaving him in the game...

Eventually his manager Terry Collins informed him, there was no trade...And in his post game press conference, Collins was heated discussing the situation...Stating that "Well until some one tells me he's been traded, he's gotta hit!"

Then Mets GM Sandy Alderson said there is no trade...And tried to act like there never was a trade, but there was clearly a trade in the works...Many have started speculating that it's based off of medical information about Wheeler, who had Tommy John Surgery in March...But I think it has something to do with Gomez... Mets beat writer, Anthony DiComo tweeted this out just a few minute ago...

"I want to be perfectly clear because I've herad this from all angles now; the trade was DONE, pending medicals, And now it's not happening. Not happening tonight, not happening tomorrow, not happening Friday. Carlos Gomez will not be a Met.

Like I said a couple nights ago when Tulowitzki was traded...this is going to be  a crazy trade deadline week!

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