Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Beeze's Hump Day Hits

Last week we did the old Hump Day Survey...This week we're switching it up, because I don't have too many questions to ask...But I do have a couple topics I want to hit...Yep, the kid has some shit to rant about...(SHOCKER!)

First, Monday I was bitching about Indians closer Chris Perez ripping Clevelanders for not packing the stadium for Indians games...Oh, and he ripped them for booing him, after blowing a game, and booing him when he put two runners on base his next time out...Asshole needs to grow up...Pro athletes get booed when they fuck up...Stupid fucking child! Asshole making $5 million a year telling me how to spend my money...I've been working since I was 13 years old, and I'll never come close to making $5 million in my life...Unless my writing career some how takes off! So Perez can still lick my ass!

Then today, I hear this douche on Cleveland sports talk, Chuck Booms, bitching at the fans, saying they better fill the seats for this series against the Tigers...After he bitches for a few minutes, his partner Kevin Kiley, who often annoys me, called him out, and asked Booms, "How many tickets have you bought?" Booms starts yelling, "I don't have to, I'm in the media, we get in free!"

So this little, shit is going to scream at Clevelanders to spend their money on the Tribe, but are you crazy? Why would he? He's in the Media...Bitching on the radio makes him part of the media and gives him free tickets whenever he wants...Well shit, I bitch on my blog, where the fuck are my free tickets? Here's another fucking asshole, telling the regular folks what to do with their money...These cock suckers have some balls...And if you ever listen to Booms, you can here he is a closet case, boner smoker...

If I go to a Tribe game, I gotta pay $20 to park my car...Then the cheapest seats in the house are $10...And let me tell you, I don't feel like sitting in the bleachers or nose-bleeds...Then if I want a beer, that's $8...A fucking hot dog is $6...Everything there food wise is grossly overpriced...Then if it's just me and the wife, we have to pay a baby-sitter...And when you're talking 3 kids, that shit gets expensive...If we bring the kids, that costs, and gives us a fucking headache...

But this little asshole who goes to games free, is going to tell me what to do with my money...He really needs to choke on a cock and die!

The next thing pissing me off is the Phoenix Coyotes management...More than a few years ago, the NHL switched what jersey was worn at home...It use to be the white...But they switched it to the dark jersey...So the Coyotes look really stupid when they tell their fans to do the old "white out" thing, and all wear white...The LA Kings are skating around the ice wearing their whites, and the Coyotes are in all maroon...The league has let teams wear white at home at times...So if the Coyotes wanted to do a "white out" why not get the team on board too...Way to make people think they are watching the kings play in front of their home crowd...Stupid fucking Phoenix...They could have broken out their old black jerseys, and done a "Black out." Maybe this seems gay, but it just looks stupid...

Since we were just talking Hockey, let close with some hockey hotties...On this Hump Day, which of these Hockey wives would you must like to do some stick-handling with!?!

A. As seen at the top of this post, Willa Ford (Mike Modano)

B. Hilary Duff (Mike Comrie)

And just remember how she handled getting engaged...

C. Carrie Underwood (Mike Fisher)

Alright, Read and Respond...And Happy Hump Day!

Later, the Beeze.

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