Friday, September 30, 2011

Another Year Goes By

Well, today was my birthday, and once again, I didn't get a Gibson Trini-Lopez...Mrs. Beeze just isn't willing to drop $3,000 on a hobby for me...Oh well!

But seriously, birthdays don't mean a whole lot to me at this point...Birthdays are for kids...Although I did enjoy all the birthday wishes I got on Facebook...It's nice that people take those few seconds to say Happy Birthday and wish you well...It makes me feel like I'm not a total asshole...Guess I have more work to do!

So, what did I do for my birthday...Got up with the kids, got them off to school...Came home, had a cup of coffee, and played with the baby...

Then she had breakfast, we worked on her walking, then she had a bottle, and we took a 2 hour nap! How smart is she, knowing just the right thing to give daddy!

After that we ran some errands, and had lunch...At that point it started pouring rain out, so we headed to get in the pickup line at school...Got the two monsters, went home...The oldest watched the baby while I washed the dishes, and made dinner...MEATLOAF & mashed potatoes!

The wife came home, and gave me my presents...A Lids gift card...YES! and a HD Flip...Look out, we may have some little Beeze videos popping up soon!

After dinner we were talking about what to do...My oldest wanted to go to the High School Football game...No thank you, not in this non-stop-fucking rain! Little Beeze being slick, brought up the a couple years ago, when I took them to Build-a-Bear on my birthday...(his is two days after mine so he likes to milk it)...So I guess my birthday is theirs...We all got in the car, and went to the mall...He got 3 small Angry Birds...(1 bird, 2 pigs)...The girl made a bunny, and got a dress for it...And I made the baby a puppy...Yeah, they own me!

I hit Lids, got two new pieces of head gear...And then I got a Coffee...The wife got some Godiva Chocolate covered strawberries...We went home, and then started the grind that is getting the kids to bed...Then the gift giving started...I got a piece, and then I got quiet!

This Weekend we'll be seeing football players rockin' pink for Breast Cancer Awareness...So I thought I would post this song that was written for a little girl with Cancer a number of years ago...

Later, The Beeze.

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