Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tebow Has Been Replaced

That's right Tebow...ESPN has a new golden boy, and his name is Tony Romo...After Monday night's game, suddenly Tony Romo can do no wrong...Every Mike, Mike, Scott, Chris, Linda, and everyone else at ESPN is swinging on Romo's nuts...

Yes, Romo played with his cracked-up ribs, and banged up lung...He we all up in everyones' shit on the sidelines, looking like Johnny Leader...Dez Bryant even said he only played because Romo was going out there banged up...Suddenly Romo is the ultimate man!

Really, last I checked he still had his pinkie, and Ronnie Lott has his lopped off and went back in the game! Okay, I'm not trying to shit on Romo...Guy played well, while in plenty of pain...Yeah, it's nice to see a quarterback act like the rest of the guys in the league...But it is the amount of ball licking done by ESPN and other talking heads that makes me sick...

But enough about me...How the hell do you think Tim Tebow feels...Not only is he not a starting quarterback, but now this week no one is talking about him not being a starting quarterback...Tim you better get hurt at practice and then show up Sunday ready to hold that clip board all day...Shit, this is Tebow we're talking about...He better die, and rise from the dead...Then maybe ESPN will be back on his ball-bag and forget about Romo.

Later, The Beeze.

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