Friday, January 10, 2014

This is Why My Son Won't Play Football

Seriously!?!  What the fuck!?!  I knew Texas was football crazy, but this is over the fucking top...And I know it's not just Texas...Here in Ohio their are pockets that are insanely football crazy...Just like there are parts in Pennsylvania, and Florida, and all over the country...

This shit is just flat-out nuts...My wife saw this clip, looked at me, and said, "Tommy is never playing Football!"  And you know what, I can't blame her...These fucking ass-hat coaches in this clip are what is wrong with youth football...1. They are taking the fun out of it for the kids, so these kids will burn out on it in high school...2. They're telling kids to go at the head...You can also see these kids leading with their helmet, so clearly they aren't teaching them to not use their head...So by the end of high school these kids' brains will be scrambled...3. These fucking coaches are clearly just miserable fucking assholes, and some of the parents are clearly fuck-tards!

And Roger Goodell and his crew at the NFL offices have to be cringing as they see this...With all they are trying to do, to finally protect players brains, then they see 8-9 year old kids going helmet to helmet...Yeah, they're fucked...If we aren't going to teach 8 year old kids to not lead with the crown of their helmet, and it's wrong that their coach is saying, "put it in his helmet, I don't care if he doesn't get up," then kids will do it through high school, then college, and take it with them to the NFL...If they make it there...If they aren't already fucking brain-dead...

So yeah, my son isn't allowed to play football...And as much as I love the game, I'm not crossing my wife on this one.

The Beeze.

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