Sunday, June 12, 2011

Roberto Luongo Is An Overrated Cunt

Yeah I said it...And if you follow me on Twitter you may have noticed me tweeting that few times...I have made a habit of tweeting throughout the Stanley Cup Finals...And Luongo, and Burrows have taken most of my hate...And now it will continue...

After game 5 Luongo decided to criticize Boston goalie Tim Thomas, and how he plays...mainly talking about the game winning goal Thomas gave up in game 5...Here's what he said...

"It's not hard if you're playing in the paint. It's an easy save for me, but if you're wandering out and aggressive like he does, that's going to happen. He might make some saves that I won't, but in a case like that, we want to take advantage of a bounce like that and make sure we're in a good position to bury those."

okay, not too bad...But the guy who gave up 8 goals in game 3 may want to shut his mouth...Just for the record, Thomas has given up 6 goals in 5 games...Only 6 goals from the 171 shots he has faced...In those same 5 games Luongo faced 155 shots and has given up 14 goals, and was yanked and put on the bench during the third period of game 4...So again, Luongo may want to shut the fuck up...

Then after getting a bit of heat for running his mouth, this dolt Luongo opened it again, saying, "I said he might make some saves that I don't. I was just saying, on that particular play, I would have played it different. That's the difference between me and him. I have been pumping his tires ever since the series started. I haven't heard one nice thing he had to say about me. That's the way it is."

Umm, why would Thomas have to say nice about Luongo, you overrated cunt!?! By the way, it's not that Thomas hasn't said anything nice about you...He hasn't said anything about you...That's the difference, he doesn't talk about the guy at the other end...He just goes out there and plays his game...And guess what? Thomas isn't an overrated cunt! Luong is...I'll Take Tim Thomas any day before an overrated cunt!

Later The Beeze.

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